BAMF integration course

Integration through language. For life in Germany.

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In this integration course that has been specially developed for migrants, you will learn to use German in everyday life. At the same time, you will receive important information about Germany as your new home. Click here for a list of all starting dates.
  • Assessment test
  • Advice and support for applying for an integration course
  • German for immigrants” exam (DTZ)
  • “Life in Germany” test
  • telc B2 exam

What will I learn on the course?

  • German skills up to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference.
  • Knowledge about Germany’s legal system, culture and history.

You can start with a higher module, if you have some language skills already. Your starting module is determined by qualified and experienced teachers, using an assessment test.

What is the goal of the course?

The goal of the course is to bring your German skills up to level B1 and to familiarise you with all important facts about the legal system, culture and history of the Federal Republic of Germany. German is taught based on everyday topics, such as work, housing, health, and visits to public authorities. The orientation class for general knowledge about Germany deals with issues such as “politics in democracy”, “history and responsibility” and “people and society”.

At the end of the integration course, you will take the two final exams “German for immigrants” (DTZ) and “Life in Germany” (LiD). You will receive a certificate for each exam passed.

The next exam dates:

  • “German for immigrants” exam on 24th June
  • “Life in Germany” exam on 23th June
  • telc B2 exam (on request)
  • telc B1/DTZ exam (on request)

    The fee for the telc B1/DTZ exam amounts to €150 plus an administrative fee of €30. The administrative fee must be paid in cash on the registration day and will be refunded to you on the day of the exam. If you withdraw from the exam, the administrative fee will not be refunded.
    We recommend planning an entire day for the exam.

When does the next course start?

Here you will find an overview of all upcoming starting dates. Further courses and modules are available by request.
We offer classes Do you have any other questions? Contact us now without obligations and find out about all important dates.
Course Module Level Starting date Course hours
Integration course (Online course) 1 A1.1 on request Mon-Fri
Youth course (General IC) 1 A1.1 on request Mon-Fri
Youth course (General IC) 2 A1.2 on request Mon-Fri 9am - 1.15pm
Integration course (General IC) 1 A1.1 on request Mon-Fri 9am - 1.15pm
Integration course (General IC) 1 A1.1 on request Mon-Thu 1.15pm - 5.45pm
Integration course (new to alphabet*) 2 A1.1 on request Mon-Fri 9am - 1.15pm
Integration course (IC with alphabet) 4 A1.1 on request Mon-Fri 9.45am - 1pm
Integration course (new to alphabet*) 1 Alphabetisierung on request Mon-Fri 9.45am - 1pm
Integration course (General IC) 3 A2.1 on request Mon-Thu 1.30pm - 5.45pm
Integration course (new to alphabet*) 4 A2.1 on request Mon-Fri 9am - 1.10pm
Integration course (General IC) 4 A2.1 on request Mon-Thu 1.30pm - 5.45pm
Integration course (General IC) 4 A2 Refresher course on request Mon-Fri 1.15pm - 5.45pm
Integration course (General IC) 5 B1.1 on request Mon-Thu 1.30pm - 5.45pm

*for learners not familiar with the Roman alphabet

Online Courses

Would you prefer to learn German from home? We have good news for you – from now on we are offering online courses
from module A1 up to B1 (6 modules in total). In small groups of up to seven people, you can take your German skills to the next level.

Another advantage of the online course is the option to book on a module-by-module basis (100 hours per module).

How long does the course take?

The course takes 7 months in total and comprises 700 teaching periods of 45 minutes each. (Literacy training courses take 13 months in total and comprise 1,300 teaching periods of 45 minutes each.)

If you have previous knowledge of German, we recommend that you take a placement test. This way you secure a place in a module that matches your skill level and shortens your overall course duration.

Upon completion of a placement test, you will also receive a certificate of your achieved language level under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The test takes 45 minutes and costs €30. The placement test may also be completed online.

Who can take part in the course?

The integration course is intended for all foreigners who are living in Germany on a permanent basis. It is designed for asylum seekers with good prospects to stay, in particular. The course is also addressed at citizens of the European Union and German citizens who do not have sufficient German skills and who have specific integration needs. Late repatriates and their family members are legally entitled to take part in this type of course.


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